Thunder Up


Don’t change, Durantula.

NBA to cancel two more weeks tomorrow? SONOFABITCH.

…Or not? Now I’m hearing talks of a possible deal within the next week?! Keep your eyes and ears open, Thunder U!


Oklahoma City Charity All-Star Game Top 10 Plays

176-171 was the score, as the game went into over time with Durant and LeBron’s Team White defeated Team Blue winning the game.

Michael Beasley led all scorers with 56 points, while durant put up a triple-double with 42 points, 26 rebounds and 11 assists.

For further information on this game check out ESPN.


KD/B.Griff OKC Charity Game

I’m going to THIS, are you?


So the charity game last night was fun. It had the charm of a pick-up game and the excitement of an all-star game. But it was noticeably lacking the intensity of an NBA season game. Man, I miss basketball.

NBA Lockout: Day 103

Well, folks, here we are. This lockout shit can’t be more frustrating for anyone than the lovers of the Oklahoma City Thunder. After an agreement to bump taxes to remodel a new facility to host NBA games, and the Thunder’s most promising season yet, Thunder fans have been looking forward to the 2011/2012 season all summer in the (not unfounded) hope that this season would bring the Thunder closer than ever to an NBA Championship. And now? We’re stuck with higher taxes and stagnant hope. Let them play, already!

The Oklahoma City Thunder have picked up the option year on the contracts of Serge Ibaka(notes), James Harden(notes), Eric Maynor(notes), Byron Mullens(notes) and Cole Aldrich(notes), keeping them all with the franchise for two more seasons.

Anyone have any thoughts on tonight’s draft?

Belated Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks

Any other Okies enjoy watching the state divide for the finals? Sore Thunder fans rooting against the Mavs; sore NBA fans rooting against the Heat. Regardless, it was a pretty awesome series this year. Rough, early analyses are putting the OKC Thunder just within the top 4 teams likely to take the title next year. After two years of contending with the eventual champs, I’d say we’ve got a pretty good chance if we continue on our current rate of improvement.